Affordability # 1

Exorbitant Hosital Bills and from Healthcare Providers is bankrupting middle income families loosing all their valued saved assets for ever. There has got to a change in billing practices by all providers.

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Competition #2

In 2017 there were about 7000 Hospital mergers and around 5000 acquisitions of various Medical Groups and Practises and Consolidation of Insurance companies are stifling competition that is driving the cost of Care to all Americans.

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Transparency # 3

180 Million Americans are already insured by Private Insurance Companies every year and disappears year after , instead fund those premiums to Health Savings Accounts. Those savings will be valuable over the years to take of their own health rather Insurance companies pockettin the money and making profits year after year.

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There are unnecessary services are being offered and performed , main motivating factor is greed . In healthcare service is so critical and reimbursement has to be based on service and outcome . It has to be transparent across the , entire spectrum of healthcare delivery.

Having insurance is motivating not only healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals,allied services and malpractice claims have increased because unnecessary services.

National Health Savings Card will pay for the care as they get, no more billing , approvals,denials,copays, deductibles,denials and overall unnecessary administrative costs , which is burden on the consumer.

The payments system is based only on 5 Catergories and they are global Payments , no more itemized by any providers . Hospitals and Short Term Facilies have to compete and all professionals have to compete without any  barriers.

Hospitals providing the care is an old concept, technology and advancement will change how the healthcare is delivered in short term facilities with out patient services and Robots. Portable Medical Records on NHS Card will preserve the privacy of every Consumer in America.



Next Steps...

Consumers lost control and handed completely to Insurance Companies to negotiate the prices, that needs to change by having Health Savings Account to all Americans.