Our Approach

National Health Savings Card For All Americans. 180 million already participation private health insurance premium , instead fund it to the Health Savings Accounts . Customer has right to choose the care , not the insurance company . Consumers are ready to handle their own care demands affordability, competition and transparency at all levels of healthcare.

Our Story

When you receive a bill for $ 228,000 for overnight stay in the hospital. There is something wrong with the entire billing system and there is lack of transparency in overall healthcare in America. Premiums seems to be rising faster than our GDP, profits seems to be motive entire health care dilivery than providing best service. More you spend is not the guarantee for best care.

Meet the Team

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Venkat R Vangala M.D

Founder & CEO

After completing Residency Traing in Adult and Pediatric Urology , moved to California. Established practice in Apple Valley , California had experience in Healthcare for past 35 years. Passionate about having Healthcare access to all Americans. Health Savings Accounts will embolden all Americans to shop for healthcare and avail best healthcare at affordable price. He has become public speaker in that regard.


Nirupama Vangala


Completed Masters in Public Administration and experienced in managing out patient surgery center for over 20 years. At present Administrator of Foremost  Retirement Resort an Independent and Assisted Living  Care Residential Facility in Hesperia, California.

Next Steps...

All Americans should demand for affordability, Competition, and Transparency in Healthcare.